Sunday, 14 April 2013


This week on the theme is "wonderful wings" so of course I have to have my favourite little bird, I love these little friendly birds they come eat from your hand and always keep you company when gardening, saves me talking to myself. Ooops on with the challenge. This card was all done on a digitising programme, quick and simple.


  1. Thanks for your comment - don't worry about the link, you don't need to do anything - I've corrected it for you - thanks for entering my CHNC challenge 120 - don't forget you could also enter this into my CHNC challenge extra for April - I'd love to see it there too. X

  2. How stupid of me, I was so concerned to tell you about the link that I forgot to actually comment on the card - lol! It's beautiful and I agree with you about robins, love them. x

  3. ooh.The birds are adorable.You can digitize too.Mighty impressed.:-).I am sorry that I have been so rubbish at coming and commenting.I don't know what I keep doing all day!