Monday, 8 December 2014


Has anyone else had any problems with IDEAL WORLD

I ordered a pack of cars with 12 free batteries, got the cars NO BATTERIES, now they are trying to tell me  I ordered the wrong thing so how come I have the print out from their web site showing the cars with the batteries.

There were 3 options

 A pack of two cars with 12 batteries £34.99 (the one I ordered)

A pack of two cars with 12 batteries £69.98

A car on it's own with no batteries £34.99

So if I ordered the wrong lot how come I got a pack of two for £34.99

Honestly folks if they are so hard up they have to cheat a pensioner out of £4.99 what sort of a company are they

It's not  the batteries it's the principle that they offer a package deal then welch on it.

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